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Elevating Leaders
Through Intentional Skill Development 



With over 30 years of experience in building high-performing teams and managing revenue of over $300M, Jenny has successfully developed, coached, and promoted hundreds of individuals into management and leadership roles throughout her career. She went from being the first female RVP of Sales for one of the fastest-growing tech companies to the Founder of Advance Forward Consulting.

Jenny's sole focus is to help companies turn their managers into highly effective leaders to unleash the potential greatness in others. Creating strong leaders is not just her passion, it’s her purpose because these leaders will pay it forward and positively influence the careers of future leaders. 

Her knowledge, experience, keen ability to connect with people, and track record of influencing careers have earned her a reputation of being one of the best people leaders in the industry. 

Jenny's approach is simple, she's collaborative and tailors her services to address the needs of each individual and organization she works with. Her programs are designed to facilitate professional growth and deliver the desired outcomes companies seek to achieve. 

She doesn't just coach it, she's lived it, which makes her style personable, authentic, and credible.

"My purpose is to help individuals  unleash their leadership potential, by leaning into their superpower to build a successful and thriving career."
- Jenny Floros
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