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Keep It Real - My Leadership Mantra

Let's be honest, being an inspiring leader all of the time is challenging. As leaders, we navigate daily obstacles while striving to be the best manager for others.

The key is not to focus on "daily" -- we all have bad days. Give yourself the grace of knowing that and not making your bad day someone else's.

On those bad days -- show your human side to your team, it goes a long way. It's ok to admit you're not having the best of days but be an example of how to approach those types of days.

Keeping it real is being an example to others and they will appreciate the learnings from it.

In my former role, my direct reports would tell you that I probably kept it "too" real. I was a big believer in "transparency." I shared more than most, of our leadership group, but there lay the "trust" and "connection" that resulted in much success.

How do you keep it real?

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