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My five strategies for building a strong foundation of success.

Notice the themes for the top three -- People, People, People!

1️⃣ Cover All Your Basis

Assemble a team of direct reports whose top qualities vary and who bring different points of view to the table.

2️⃣ People First
Create a thriving culture of trust, accountability, collaboration, recognition, professional development, and growth. The best way to retain your high performers is by giving them reasons to stay.

3️⃣ Be An Influencer
Build relationships with key stakeholders within your organization who get things done.
<Tip: Expand beyond the VP or Head of -- sometimes, it's the Director or Manager who has the institutional knowledge and who makes it happen.>

My fourth and fifth -- are operationally focused and incredibly crucial

4️⃣ Tools & Process
Create tools to measure progress and success; provide software that keeps your team organized and accountable; and develop processes that streamline time spent on tasks.

5️⃣ Policies & Procedures
Establish clear guidelines, standard operating procedures, and policies to ensure consistency and compliance within the organization.

In summary, building a strong foundation of success requires prioritizing people, fostering a culture of trust and collaboration, and leveraging operational practices.

Take a moment to reflect on your strategies, what's working? what's not? and what may need to change?

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