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An amazing discussion with Christina  Brady host of Taking The Lead. This episode emphasizes the importance of authentic leadership, professional respect and the continuous pursuit of personal and professional development. Full of insights for professionals at all levels from C-level executives to middle management.


Hot Topic Conversation

A great 20 - minute chat about the importance of leadership development, building a strong work culture, and advice to the many talented job seekers in the market.

Thank you to Breena Fain from Plain Sight Ventures for bringing some very important topics to the forefront:

  • How to build customer-centric teams.

  • The value of Customer Success roles within organizations.

  • The power employees have in managing their own happiness.

Great conversation and insights.


Podcast Episode 8


Informative conversation with host Julien Recoussine discussing the importance of sales leadership, inspiring and building a winning team culture and a few of my personal philosophies on negotiables and non-negotiables.




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