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Modern Conference Room

Wake Up Call for Leaders:

Key Truths to Elevating Success

Thursday, June 13th @11-11:45am CST


45-Minute Session  - Packed with Essential Insights

About your host

With over 30 years of experience building high-performing teams and managing $300M in revenue, Jenny has developed, coached, and promoted hundreds into leadership roles. From being the first female RVP of Sales at one of the fast-growing tech company to founding Advance Forward Consulting, Jenny's journey speaks for itself.

Her mission is to transform managers into effective leaders, unleashing their potential to inspire and develop future leaders. Known for her ability to connect and influence careers, Jenny has a stellar reputation as a top people leader in the industry.

Jenny's collaborative, tailored approach ensures professional growth and desired outcomes for each individual and organization she works with. She doesn't just coach it, she's lived it, which makes her style personable, authentic, and credible.

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